For government departments/funding agencies

Prosthetics Ram

Thorough testing and validation of equipment provides reassurance of quality and reliability. The purchase of equipment that meets published Australian or International Standards helps to demonstrate a wise use of public money and therefore positive accountability.

Laboratory services for government departments and funding organisations include:

For manufacturers and agents

Verification of compliance with Australian Standards demonstrates to the potential customers, and to industry partners, that products are of high quality, reliable and safe. It is hard evidence that products are fit for their intended purpose.

Independent testing in accordance with published standards strengthens confidence in manufacturing quality systems, and provides strong support to medical device technical files required by TGA regulations.

Laboratory services for manufacturers and agents include:

What can we test?

The terms of our NATA registration enable us to offer accreditated testing and reports on:

We can test to full standards or to particular sections of a standard. 

If you are unsure whether we are able to provide testing for your product, please contact the test laboratory.

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